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Saint Nicholas - The Story Of The Real Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas - The Story Of The Real Santa Claus

Here’s the story of the real Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, whose unfailing kindness and generosity led to many of the gift-giving traditions of Christmas. This beautifully retold legend features highly detailed and decorative illustrations. Ages 6–8.

Nicholas was a Christian who lived in the town of Myra in the fourth century AD. He was much loved for his charity and generosity. On one occasion, he wanted to give money to three daughters who were facing destitution because their father had no money for a dowry in order that they might marry. Nicholas thought of a clever way to give his gift in secret, showering gold coins into their house at night through the chimney. Some of the coins landed in the stockings that had been hung up to dry there. His good deed brought a happily-ever-after ending, and inspired a Christmas tradition. This book is retold for children from the famous thirteenth-century book by Jacopo de Voraigne, The Golden Legend.

Publisher: Pauline Books and Media

Our Price: $14.95

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